Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are an important component of almost every video and audio product you use. Cardinal Peak has been involved in developing these apps since the beginning. We have expertise developing video and audio apps for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems, along with other platforms.Our video and audio expertise extends into our mobile application development team. We routinely develop apps that are required to handle adaptive bit-rate streaming media and download of large audio/video files. We are experts in decoding, encoding, and encryption and DRM.

We are comfortable working with extending the platform-supplied media playback frameworks—Stagefright on Android and the media player framework on iOS. In cases where a particular set of requirements cannot be met with the native players, we can also guide you to a semi-custom solution that meets your specific needs.

We’ve written apps that are distributed through each platform’s application store, and we’ve also written apps that are pre-installed in ROM and were subjected to the stringent carrier certification process. If appropriate, we can guide you through the considerations involved with each approach.

Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Android development, on both smartphone and tablet form-factors. In particular, experience below the Java layer, including C/C++ code running in user space and also modifications to the Linux kernel.
  • SWIFT, Objective C
  • MFi
  • iOS development, on both iPhone and iPad
  • iOS Open GL programming
  • Homekit
  • Core data
  • Native Development Kit (NDK) Android
  • Complex client-server architectures
  • GStreamer
  • NFC
  • Local continuous integration
  • Development of multi-threaded apps, including apps that rely heavily on background services
  • Support for major formats for video, audio, and digital rights management (DRM)
  • Experience integrating and extending Android Stagefright and Apple’s Media Player Framework

Case Studies

  • For one recent customer we developed a system similar to Spotify for the distribution of music. We developed an Android app, built-in DRM, and the cloud server infrastructure for this system.
  • For a medical customer, we developed a HIPAA secure app for recording and uploading videos of patient-physician interactions that could be viewed by the patient or loved-ones via the web at a later time. For this project, we also developed the back-end cloud server application. Challenges included variable bandwidth, large video files, secure communications and HIPAA compliance concerns.
  • For another customer we develop an Android app running on a kiosk for digital movie purchase and rental. This required a deep understanding of background downloading and DRM.

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