Hardware Design

Choosing the right design partner is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. The right hardware design is essential for minimizing product cost, maximizing reliability, and optimizing manufacturability. Cardinal Peak has the breadth and depth of expertise necessary to help you achieve these goals.


Cardinal Peak hardware designers will work with you to define your product’s features and develop an appropriate hardware architecture for implementing them. We have the experience necessary to trade off product performance, unit cost, and engineering investment as we tailor your design to the specific requirements of your market.

The Cardinal Peak hardware team possesses the full range of design skills success demands, including system architecture, ruggedized design, component identification, vendor qualification, schematic design, FPGA design, and layout. Using our established ties with board fabrication and assembly vendors we will guide your design through its initial prototyping and debug phase. Finally, we’ll work closely with your selected contract manufacturer to ensure a smooth handoff, including developing test fixtures to simplify the manufacturer’s job.

Cardinal Peak has implemented a wide range of hardware designs that incorporate digital video. Our experienced video system architects can evaluate and propose technology solutions, and our talented team of hardware engineers can implement complex video system designs.

Some of our relevant technology expertise includes:

  • Video compression/decompression (h.264, h.265, MPEG-2, JPEG-2000, etc.)
  • HDMI, HDMI CEC, SDI Receivers and Transmitters
  • System on Chip (SoC) video solutions from Freescale, Ambarella, TI, and others
  • Broadcom Set Top Box SoCs (Linux and Android TV)
  • FPGAs (Xilinx and Altera)
  • Image sensors (Aptina, FLIR), visible and IR
  • High speed serial interfaces (TMDS, GigE, SATA, LVDS, etc.)
  • Data acquisition systems (A/D and D/A)
  • Phase lock loops (PLL)
  • Power supplies, Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Timing and Signal Integrity analysis
  • Dense multi-layer board design and layout
  • Ruggedized removable disk (SSD) for Digital Video Recording (MIL-810G)
  • Wi-Fi based video streaming

Cardinal Peak can also perform the mechanical design of your product. We excel at:

  • Mechanical packaging, sheet metal and plastic cases, silkscreens, design for manufacturing (DFM)
  • Solidworks and other 3D design tools for full product modeling
  • Design for aesthetics / Industrial design
  • Casting, extrusion, stamping, molding and machining of metallic parts
  • Detailed tolerance, life assessment, stress, cycle fatigue, thermal, and failure modes and effects analysis

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