One important aspect of any video or audio solution for the entertainment market is digital rights management, or DRM. DRM is the subsystem responsible for ensuring that only those users who have paid to consume a particular piece of media are able to access it. In a world where rampant piracy can dramatically affect the revenue of video and audio distributors, protecting content with strong DRM is mandatory.


For other, non-entertainment users of video and audio, encryption of a different kind can also have high importance. Whether your video contains military secrets or HIPAA-controlled medical information, it is often important to ensure that only authorized users can view it.

In either case, Cardinal Peak has worked with encryption and DRM on a large number of projects, from entertainment video for some of the largest names in the industry to military-grade security for sensitive defense applications. We can help advise you on the tradeoffs between compute cycles and encryption security. We can also advise on both the reasons behind and the mechanism needed to be able to “renew” your security via software update, in the event an exploit emerges.

Relevant skills include:

  • AES, Triple DES, DVB-CA and other encryption algorithms
  • Deep expertise with SSL at the protocol layer, including cipher negotiation
  • Experience with DRM subsystems from major vendors, including Google/Widevine, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, and Verimatrix

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