Mobile & Web Apps

The user-facing component of an Internet-of-Things system is an application—sometimes more than one. For consumer IoT devices, the typical app runs on an Android or iOS smartphone and tablet, and allows the consumer to connect to, monitor, and control the connected device. For industrial and commercial IoT systems, the typical app might be a dashboard based on the web, although mobile apps are increasingly common for industrial and commercial IoT systems as well.


In either case, Cardinal Peak has deep experience in developing numerous types of IoT apps, and we can help guide you to the ideal product fit for your business need.

One common problem with consumer IoT devices in particular is the need to bootstrap the device onto the Internet, typically via Wi-Fi, in order to allow it to connect to the cloud servers. Many IoT devices have limited input facilities and minimal (or no) display capabilities, and meanwhile the typical consumer is not technical and wants a simple onboarding process. Cardinal Peak has experience working through this “initial commissioning” problem with several projects, and we can discuss the pros and cons of the various approaches to solving the problem.

As experienced Android, iOS and web-app developers, Cardinal Peak brings all the skills necessary to design, implement and test IoT-related applications. We have deep experience with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and low-level networking protocols—all of which are necessary ingredients of an IoT app. We also have experience writing Android native drivers and middleware for projects requiring deeper customization.

In addition, because Cardinal Peak has experience engineering full end-to-end IoT systems, we have the system-level insight needed to design the networking interfaces between the device, cloud server, and apps so that they are efficient and secure, ensuring that your system has a responsive user interface.

Relevant Skills:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless security and authentication
  • Workflows to help walk users through complex configuration and setup
  • Account setup and device pairing
  • Handling of intermittent communication
  • Android experience – Full application development with extensive experience in: Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth SPP, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi management, Native drivers and middleware
  • iOS experience – Full application development with extensive experience in: Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth SPP, Made For iPhone (MFi) integration, Wi-Fi management
  • Web-app languages – HTML5, JavaScript, using Angular, JQuery, and other standard libraries
  • Integration with third party services
  • Security management for IoT devices

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