Internet of Things

When building an IoT solution, there many elements to take into account and it becomes extremely complex very quickly. Cardinal Peak has the proven skills and experience in IoT engineering to deliver quality end-to-end solutions. Contact us today about your new IoT project.

Cardinal Peak has considerable experience in the key components of IoT development:

  • We have developed numerous connected devices, including video baby monitors, connected thermostats, connected sprinkler controllers, and connected lighting systems. We can design both the hardware and the embedded software for such systems.
  • We have developed the cloud infrastructure for connected devices, and we understand how the behavior, security, and scalability concerns of connected devices differ from web interfaces that are designed around human users.
  • We have developed many mobile and web apps for IoT systems, and we understand how to bring these systems to market quickly while still addressing tricky issues of helping end-users easily configure and commission the connected device.



What is IoT?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the name given to the idea of connecting inexpensive sensors and controllers to cloud servers, allowing super-smart, next generation automation.

By connecting devices to the IoT, numerous new capabilities and business models become possible, from providing simple-but-powerful remote control capability for the device, to remote diagnostics and monitoring, to advanced revenue streams based on processing the data gathered by Internet-connected devices.

A typical system is shown below:




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