Our Process

Cardinal Peak focuses on meeting our clients at their point of need. Where appropriate, we can integrate tightly and seamlessly into our clients’ existing processes.

Alternately, we have a well-defined and proven engineering process based on agile project management methodologies. We have refined our process over more than 100 projects and have found that it leads to certain and predictable outcomes.


Our internal process implements a Scrum iterative and incremental agile software methodology. This process includes iterative sprint planning and regular standups. The software for our bug tracking, agile management and source code control are tightly integrated products that are accessible via the web to the client at all times.

We like our clients to be involved in this process so they can guide the development efforts with regular feedback. This helps us achieve the following objectives:

  • Delivering a product that meets the client’s expectation by eliminating misinterpretations of specifications.
  • Adapting quickly to our client’s changing business needs.
  • Improving product quality by regular incremental releases to QA and the client.
  • Reducing risk by identifying and communicating complications early in the process.
  • Controlling development schedule by tightly managing and communicating task complexity on a sufficiently granular basis to allow the client to modify objectives if required.

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