About Cardinal Peak

Since 2002, Cardinal Peak has been supporting and engineering some of the most successful digital products and platforms being launched by the nation’s leading technology companies. Delivering unsurpassed leadership in the areas of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Video & Audio, Cardinal Peak offers a rare combination of proven expertise and personalized, responsive service to its clients.

Founding partners Mike Perkins and Howdy Pierce, along with the Cardinal Peak management team, have assembled a talented group of 70+ engineers dedicated to helping the company’s clients realize the best and fastest ROI on their engineering investments.


Cardinal Peak’s expertise in IoT engineering includes the development of: Mobile and Web Apps, Cloud Infrastructure, Networking Protocols, Embedded Operating Systems, Signal Processing and Hardware Design.

This industry leadership and culture of innovation extends to expert contract engineering of Digital Video & Audio products including: Mobile Apps, Set Top Box Apps, Browser Plugins, Cloud Server Infrastructure, Digital Rights Management, Codecs and Protocols, Linux Kernel, Signal Processing, FPGA Programming and Hardware Design.

Whether providing critical “surge” support to your engineering team or delivering complete, end-to-end development of sophisticated solutions, we function as your trusted partner, adding value from day one to every project we engage.

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